Our services include:

  • Resale of luxury items such as designer handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and furs (seasonal).
  • We have numerous items on standby, even if it is not in the store. If we don’t have it we can find it! ┬áLet us help you find your heart’s desire!
  • Personal Shopping offered ($20 per hour)
  • We help you AUTHENTICATE! We work closely with several authenticators and do all the work for you!

For further information on the process, please see How To Sell or Contact Us us today! We’ll be glad to explain the process in depth and answer any questions you might have!


Seller’s Commission:

  • 50% for items listed up to $250
  • 60% for items┬álisted between $250-1000
  • 75% for items listed over $1000


$20 or TBD depending on the item (Watch, Hermes bags, Limited Editions).

Personal Shopping:

TBD. Inquire with Giuliana

Other Products sold IN STORE ONLY:

  • “Lovin my Bags” Cleaners
  • Louis Vuitton Handbag Organizers
  • Designer Bag Base Shapers
  • Handbag Hooks
  • Authorized HOBO Bags Retailer